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Consider These Points When Designing Sustainable Metal Carport

Looking for a durable and reliable carport? Look no further than certified high-quality metal carports! From protection against harsh weather to keeping your car safe from theft, you can custom design steel carport and choose unbeatable value and functionality.

More than 91% of Americans own at least one car. So, it becomes vital to keep it safe from direct climate attacks. Here you can choose a garage. But a majority of them are used to store stuff inside rather than parking cars. You can’t let a $15,000 car sit outside, so that $500 worth of stuff can be out of the weather. So, what to do? Not to worry, we have the perfect solution for you – a steel carport for your precious car will do the job well.

However, before you jump into settling for the one, here are a few tips you can consider before you buy steel carports.

Consider The Following Points When You Buy Metal Carports:

1. Size

The standard metal carport size is 20 ft. in width & length and 12 ft. in height. Some other sizes are –

  • On average, a one-car metal carport can cost you around $1,200. You can choose a width from 12 ft. to 60 ft. & length from 20 ft. to 200 ft.
  • A 20 ft. wide, 36 ft. long, and 10 ft. high vertical roof metal carport with a utility storage unit will cost you around $8,635.
  • A 50 ft. wide, 36 ft. long, and 14 ft. high vertical roof steel carport will cost you $22,225.

Note: The final price of the steel carport depends on location, transportation, and customization.

You can virtually build any size carport, but there may be some local restrictions on its size. So, look onto the website of your county or local municipality for details. It varies with place and state.

2. Height

In general, a metal carport’s height can range from 6 ft. to 16 ft. It is so to accommodate all kinds and types of vehicles, from medium sized sedans to RVs to mini-trucks. Choosing the height based on the tallest car or vehicle you want to park would be best.

3. Placement

Select a place on your property where you can easily maneuver your car without getting it scratched. Also, it would be helpful for the installation team if there is ample space to offload raw materials.

For windy areas, choose a place that is shielded by your main property. In this way, your main house will act as a barrier to the wind. For a moderate climate zone, you can choose an area that is a little higher so that water does not accumulate after rain.

4. Roof Type

Following are the roof types you can select from:

  • Regular – good
  • Horizontal – better
  • Vertical – best

These are in ascending order of cost. However, a point here is that if you buy a large steel carport, you will be advised to go with vertical roofing.

5. Roof Pitch

How steep do you want your roof to be? The pitch of a roof is determined by calculating the ratio between the vertical rise and horizontal span of the roof. A 50% roof pitch is ideal for snow or rain.

Even with pitches, you have the choice of design. For example, you can select a single slope, gable, or hip roof. The gable roof is the one recommended when you design a steel carport.

6. Reflective Roof Panel

A special paint is applied to the roof of your metal panel to make it reflect most of the sunlight. This is to ensure that less heating occurs inside of a carport.

7. Solar Roof Carport

You can take it up a notch by installing solar panels on your carport. No, we are not talking about those bulky solar panels. Nowadays, you can get bendable and peel-and-stick solar panels too. They are more lightweight than their counterpart.

With solar roofs, you can easily save on your energy bills.

8. Side Panel Wall

According to International Building Codes 2021 (latest revision), a carport can be covered from at most two sides. So, you can install side wall panels partly or wholly. This will give your vehicle some more shade without violating any laws.

Do check with your local neighborhood laws for more details.

9. Foundation

In order of increasing cost, the following are the foundation types to choose from.

  • Gravel
  • Ground
  • Asphalt
  • Concrete

No doubt, concrete is structurally sound and can bear most of the load. If you want to buy steel carports in a larger size, you may be advised to choose a concrete floor.

10. Lightening

Now, carports are the most open structures. But you can install one or more lights to use it after dawn. Here, you have two options:

  • Draw power lines to your carport & attach a light.
  • Install a battery operated LED light. This will cut the cost & serve the purpose.

Note: Prefer a 3D simulator that will give you a rough idea of how your actual steel carport will look like. You can make your metal carport appear discreet as well.

Advantages of a Well Design Steel Carport

  • Fast To Install
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Less Carbon Footprint
  • Fire Resistance
  • Earthquake Resistance
  • Tolerate extreme wind, rain & snow
  • Open Structure
  • Can Be Multi-Purposed

In case you are wondering what else you can do with your steel carport, here are few ideas:

  • Play area for kids
  • Host evening parties
  • Patio for morning breakfast & evening coffee
  • Barbeque lunch area
  • Family get together
  • Storing garden tools and equipment

Metal Carport: Finer & Economical For Everyone

When you buy steel carports, you buy resilience that will stay with you for the longest. If that’s not all, you can design a steel carport the way it suits you. Feel free to talk about it with your metal dealer.

They will give you guidelines about the best structure for your property. Also, do not forget to check in with your local authority for building codes & permits. In case you are required to file for a permit, you must do it before installation. Never a car shed has been so diverse in use.

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