Hi, I am Yogendra Chavan, founder of Contact Your Mind. My goal is to empower and inspire people all around the world by spreading knowledge of self improvement, positivity and growth mindset. Along with that, our team also provides latest business trends all around the world, health and fitness tips as both mental as well as physical health are so much important nowadays, and some knowledge about money and finance domain.

In this day and age of internet, there is no shortage of information. There is so much content out there that finding something genuine is not easy. That’s why we focus on mind blowing and actionable contents.

Let’s be real here. These are not the dumb shits saying the same old crap every now and then. These are the real shits that actually works. Ignite the fire in you which you always desired and change your life. Some may like our content, some may not. Read and decide it by yourself.


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