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From Pong To Fortnite: A Brief History Of Video Games And Their Evolution

First, let’s begin by defining what’s a video game. It can be best known as an Electronic game that can be played on a computer screen or tv or we can just say it is the virtual reality of games like VR escape room games.

There are many types of methods for playing video games like PSP, PlayStation, and Xbox.

The Beginning of Video Games


Pong was the first multiplayer video game which was first started in the year 1972. It was a table tennis theme arcade sports game that was set in two-dimension graphics. That was the first game that gave the world an opening for graphics and illustration. It could be accessed by coin and placed in several restaurants and also bars. Later when the popularity of pong arose it was soon found in every house in the United States of America.


Then the next best thing to happen to the video game industry after the pong was PlayStation which was first released in 1994 by Japan and by America in the next consecutive year 1995. The dynamics of the graphics and industry had now been changed.

Now every home had a console that could be accessed at any time and the games were bought in the form of CDs which had all the game inputs saved.

In the booming era of PlayStation and its series coming out every other year, Sony released the portable version of PlayStation called PSP in the year 2004 in December. It was the first ever handheld video game made by them. They sold around 81 million units, which was a huge success. The most famous game ever played on both PSP and PlayStation was Grand Theft Auto which is the most memorable game of the entire era.


Another famous console game for football fans was FIFA which emerged in the year 1993. It created hype among youngsters passionate about football. The series first started with CD games which are still being continued to this day. The franchise is now available in 18 languages and available in 51 countries. The graphics have drastically improved throughout the years with the performance and user experience.


When the rise of mobile games occurred the first game which was seen at the top of the play store every time you open it was Pubg following Free Fire and Call of Duty.

The most active year was 2021 as the streamers played it in their live streams the audience was fascinated by how good the graphics were, and it was the beginning of the lockdown, and everyone started playing with their friends. Battlegrounds is a game that always brings drama and excitement into the game. This led to every person being addicted to the game increasing its reach.

The combination is what makes the game so interesting to watch, despite any streamer’s individual skill level. With each game, you go through strong emotional moments the nerves as footsteps creep into the house, or the happiness after a successful Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. In the end, it isn’t about the game or winning or losing, but a series of how to deal with things around pressure.

The same occurred to Call of Duty when TiMi Group decided to release its mobile version after the hit of their PlayStation Version named Console. It was one of the largest launches with 270 million downloads a year generating 480 million US dollars for the company.

The user interface and variety of games with iconic characters, guns, ammo, etc made it to the top after the pubg mobile game. It still stands as one of the best video games of this era.


The year of lockdown was one hell of a year of experiencing new things such as the game Among Us. YouTube and streamers like Ninja and PewDiePie began playing Among Us which sparked the majority of the audience and was continued hereafter.

The game hit 1.5 million players and crashed the game’s server several times when the players reached up to 3.8 million at once. The game was a kiddish yet fun game that bought back everyone’s fun and inner child while playing. It is a multiplayer game and it could be played with friends even if everyone were at their home sitting on their couch comfortably.


Lastly, we would talk about the best game right now available on desktop version, mobile, and even console. How the era changed from pong being the first basic game with little to known graphics and not even that user-friendly to now having the best interface which can be played anywhere.

The video game industry has evolved for the better and every game will bring out newer versions that will be loved by the audience and their regular players.

Fortnite captivates the audience by having little things like the characters, the iconic dances, the guns, the battle royale passes and the most thrilling ones are the maps.


With every upgrade made in the video game industry, it is to enhance their graphics and give their audience the best version of each themed game just like in escape room games they have ever played.

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